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Feasibility Analysis:

  • Assist in site selection
  • Estimate infrastrure cost based on conceptual design.
  • Prepare concept site sedign based on political acceptance of highest best use.
  • Determination of likely off-site improvements & associated costs.
  • Conduct fatal flaw analysis.

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Site Planning:

  • 30+ years experience in site planning for residential, commercial & industrial projects.
  • Site planning based on local understanding of unique circumstances for roads, utility, extensions, soils & drainage.
  • Consultation with local, state & federal agencies to address problems in advance of begining project.
  • Close consultation & interaction with client to reflect client goals.

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  • Incorporate understanding of local, state & federal regulations into site planning process
  • Recommend consulting team to work on project or work with out-of-city or out-of-state consultants to prepare submittal materials.
  • Interact and provide expedite response to local, state & federal land use regulatory authorities.
  • Ensure complete application to regulatory agency.
  • Attend meetings to present project

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Other Services:

  • Expert witness in judicial actions.
  • Evaluation of assessed value impacted by flood plans, zoning & platting and difficult terrains.
  • Review of pending code amendments to determine impact on existing or pending projects.
  • Assist in finding water off-sets required by city or county governments.
  • Assist banks in forensic evaluation of real estate in bank portfolio.
  • Assist purchaser of land in bank portfolio.
  • Assist communities & villages in preparation of land use codes.

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